March's unusual full moons include one worm, one blue

March will Come with Two Full Moons When Can You See Them

First off in the Blue Moon which is often used to describe something that rarely occurs.

This year, March will see two full moons– the first rose on Thursday, and the second will occur on March 31. When the Full Worm Moon was sighted back in the days when meteorological offices and weather forecasts weren't available, these full worm moon where known to mark the beginning of a new season after a long dormancy period during winter when most of the plants and animals are dormant. They're essentially all the same, however, just representing different ways to refer to a full moon.

So, here in 2018, January had a full moon on the 31st and tonight, March 1st, is 29 days later. But do you have any idea what the first full moon in March is called?

The Farmers Almanac began using Native American names for the moon cycle in the 1930s, according to NASA. According to the forecast, the Full Worm Moon will rise at 7:51 EST on March 01 ( March 02 at 00:51 UTC ). There were also two supermoons, or perigean full moons, that occurred before the late January moon. The moon is sometimes also called the "full sap moon" because it happens around the time that sap begins to flow. Firstly, during full worm moon, the moon will be in the constellation Leo at 13-degrees towards the eastern horizon where its illumination will be at its maximum.

The "Worm Moon" is named as such because of the earthworm casts that could be found after the snow thawed in the southern parts of the United States.

Blue Moon phenomenon are incredible spectacles where the body appears to have a bluish tint, due to dust particles in the atmosphere.

More than a month has passed since the last full moon was visible from Earth. In this video, learn about the Full Worm Moon, Moon illusions, and when and why the Moon rides high or low in the sky.

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