Stunning image of supernova captured by amateur astronomer

Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding star

Dr Bersten contacted an worldwide group of astronomers to help conduct additional frequent observations of SN 2016gkg. Buso was just trying to test out his new camera.

He took a series of short-exposure photographs of the spiral galaxy, accidentally capturing it before and after the supernova's "shock breakout".

The light caused by the pressure of a supersonic wave becomes bright when the exploding core of the star first makes contact with the gas found on its surface, causing it to heat up to an extremely high temperature. Buso and a team of professional astronomers now report in Nature what seems to be the first observation of the very early stages of a supernova. The following research took around two months, but revealed new data about the type of star that exploded, along with information about the explosion itself.

'Observations of stars in the first moments they begin exploding provide information that can not be directly obtained in any other way'.

"To our surprise, images had a great quality considering they were obtained from the middle of a large city in the midst of the pampas", notes Dr. Gasto?n Folatelli from IALP, who led the data analysis, and adds "sky conditions seem to have been almost ideal on that night!"

"I would hope the amateur astronomers are encouraged to do more of this", Folatelli said. Filippenko worked on a follow-up study of the star published Wednesday (Feb. 21) in the journal Nature.

"I chose the galaxy by chance but, among those in that region of the sky, it has a handsome form with looping clouds-bright and dark", he told Newsweek, adding that he was aware supernovas were more likely to appear in spiral galaxies. The object steadily brightened for about 25 minutes, as shown quantitatively in the lower-right panel.

He further commemorated Buso for his phenomenal efforts and also cherished the partnership between a professional and amateur astronomers which could do the outstanding job together.

Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding star
He took a picture of a supernova while setting up his new camera

Buso was testing his camera on September 20, 2016, by taking a set of images of the spiral galaxy NGC 613, about 80 million light years from Earth.

Professional astronomers have regarded capturing the initial burst of light following a star's explosion as highly unlikely, rating the chances of having a telescope trained on the right part of the sky at the right time worse than 1 in 10 million.

A star's life ends with a bang, exploding in a spectacular supernova.

It's like winning the cosmic lottery.

"Professional astronomers have always been searching for such an event", Alex Filippenko, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkley, said in a statement.

The original star, they say, may have weighed in around 20 solar masses - although it had probably shrunk to just five solar masses before it went supernova, as the gravitational tug of its companion star siphoned mass away.

Supernovae are pretty common across the sky, but as bright as they are, their unpredictability and transient nature means that the events are usually well underway by the time astronomers spot them.

Amateur astronomers have made some pretty unbelievable observations in the past, including asteroids striking Jupiter, a brand-new system of four Super-Earth exoplanets, and just recently, the rediscovery of a NASA satellite long thought lost.

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