Everything we know about the Season 7 finale so far

Everything we know about the Season 7 finale so far

The White Walkers and their army of frozen zombies have been marching south toward the Wall for what feels like forever.

For many fans, the latest "Game of Thrones" episode, "Beyond the Wall", was an emotional roller coaster.

BuzzFeed notes that it's possible the Night King has Greensight or some other seeing capability linked to Bran, and knew the group was traveling north of the Wall.

It does not take much longer to wait before seeing the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7 on HBO and OCS and you are helped to wait until then with some speculation. Keep scrolling to learn more about the Night King!

That was true before the Night King had a dragon, but it would be even more disappointing now. But we do learn that killing the White Walker that created the wights fighting alongside them destroys the wights as well.

Now that the Night King has taken one of Daenerys's dragons as his own, Jon and the Mother of Dragons need any advantage they can get.

Westerosi legends tell of ice dragons whose cold breath freezes men as quickly as dragonflame melts them, but there are no stories of fire-breathing dragons being raised by the Night King.

Anyway, there's a lot to consider when discussing whether the Night King was manipulating the situation. Once he makes it over, that might eliminate the magic that has kept the dead from passing through, allowing the wights to climb it like the wildlings, sail around on the sea, or march through a tunnel or hole.

As theories go, Dondarrion's is a fairly tempting one, that hints at a neat resolution to the series and a climactic final battle between the Night King and one of our heroes (most likely Jon).

Next week's season finale is the longest episode in the show's history, clocking in at 79 minutes - so perhaps we'll get some answers in regards to The Night King's identity. So make sure you're not stuck in the past. A big loss for the #TeamDaenerys and especially a big asset for the Night King that revived the dragon. Oh yeah, and they BROUGHT HUGE FRICKIN' CHAINS.

Whether you believe the theory that Bran is the Night King or not, the similarities between their abilities can not be ignored.

The strength of the army of the dead comes from their massive numbers and lack of fear.

Being able to see into the future, or at least potential futures, means that the Night King already has a plan for breaking through the magical protections of the Wall.

Because White Walkers and Wights are created differently, it begs the question of how the Night King is able to control them all (including the white walkers), or whether they are simply subservient to his commands.

The Night's King left his post to be with someone who sounds like a White Walker woman, and the two reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort until they were stopped.

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